What are you thankful for?

Facebook is full of all the daily thankful posts.  It is refreshing to see people focused on things that make them grateful.  As we celebrate a day dedicated to giving thanks, I thought I would give a little history of thanksgiving, along with a few things I’m thankful for.


Though the current holiday of Thanksgiving was based on the 1621 feast, it did not immediately become an annual celebration or holiday. Sporadic days of Thanksgiving followed, usually declared locally to give thanks for a specific event such as the end of a drought, victory in a specific battle, or after a harvest.

It wasn’t until October 1777 that all 13 colonies celebrated a day of Thanksgiving. The very first national day of Thanksgiving was held in 1789, when President George Washington proclaimed Thursday, November 26 to be “a day of public thanksgiving and prayer,” to especially give thanks for the opportunity to form a new nation and the establishment of a new constitution.

Yet even after a national day of Thanksgiving was declared in 1789, Thanksgiving was not an annual celebration.

Things I’m thankful for

  • Being able to have a job I love
  • Working with clients who challenge and stretch my abilities
  • My husband who supports me in everything I do
  • The ability to worship my God freely
  • Enjoying time with family

The list goes on…but I’ll leave you with this, “give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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