Building your work from the ground up

On one particular stretch of my drive home there is a building being constructed.  This building has been in progress for over two years, but finally it is taking shape.  At first the land was cleared and all the debris was taken away.  Then over the next couple of months the slab was poured and the steel frame went up.  Now each day I drive by there is metal siding, new bricks laid, and window panes put in.  This process is slow, but the end result is amazing.  As I watch this progression I realize that building a grant proposal is very similar.  Constructing a narrative around a program takes time and the willingness to dig into the program you are writing about.  It is important to know the fine details of the program in order for the end result to be successful.  The process of creating a timeline, having meetings, writing a logic model, all of those things take time.  A proposal should never been written over night, nor should it be written by a grant writer alone.  Without the input of program staff, the proposal can easily miss the important things that go on in that program.  Just like in construction, there are people who lay the ground work, construct the frame, and make it aesthetically pleasing.  What role do you play?

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