Upcoming Grants

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Health and Resources Administration (HRSA)
Due Date: 10/14/14
The estimated funding available for FY15 is $400,000. 8 awards are anticipated. The funding ceiling is $50,000 per year. A project period of 5 years is expected. A cost share of 2:1 is required in years 2 through 5 of the project period. (The recipient must contribute matching funds equal to 2 times the amount of the federal award.)
This program seeks to promote access to health care for children, youth and their families nationwide, and employ preventive health strategies through innovative community driven programs. This program supports HRSA’s goals to improve access to quality health care and services, to build healthy communities, and to improve health equity. HTPCP funding supports direct service projects, not research projects. HTPCP applications MUST represent either a new initiative (i.e., project that was not previously in existence) within the community or an innovative new component that builds upon an existing community-based program or initiative.

The Foundation For Rural Education and Development (FRED)
Tech Grant applications are always being reviewed by the selection committee. Applicants will receive an email in December confirming that their application has been received. Winners will be announced in late January each year.
Technology Grants for Rural Schools program was created to help meet the growing need for innovative technology in the classroom. The grants strive to help public schools in rural areas bring modern computers to every classroom, connect schools to the information superhighway and make sure that effective and engaging software and online resources are an integral part of the school curriculum.

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