You got your GPC…now what?

Did get your 90, 60 and 30 day reminder that your GPC is up for renewal?  If so, let’s walk through that process. 

Maintaining your CMP log should begin the day you first got your GPC, however, we recognize that life happens.  As you prepare your log, make sure you are using the most up to date CMP manual.  This manual can be found here.  Also, note there is a new fillable CMP form!  Thank goodness for numbers that total!  As GPCI continues through this process, we are trying to make it easier for all involved.  Please always check back to the website for the most up to date information!

Ok, so you now have the most important pieces together (the fillable form and the application).  This is where we begin to log everything.  I find it is easiest to maintain the log as I am going through my 3 years, however, do what works best for you!  Remember, you must engage in at least 105 “hours” of profession-related activities within the five categories described below.

Category 1: Education (max 60 points)

Candidates earn one (1) point for each one (1) hour of continuing education workshops, seminars and conferences they have attended during the three (3) year CMP period.

Category 2: Grant Professional Employment (max 36 points)

Recertification candidates earn one (1) point for each one (1) month of full-time paid, professional experience as a member of a grant staff or a full time grant-related consultant during the three (3) year period. This provision allows for employment gaps.

Category 3: Grant Professional Performance (max 60 points)

Candidates can earn “grant professional performance” points via four pathways: 1) communications projects with outcomes that directly impact the grant professional or function of the organization, such as grant books or published articles; 2) management projects with outcomes that directly impact the development function of the organization; 3) conference or workshop presentations and 4) additional related certifications. Paid activities are not allowed under this category, with the exception of book royalties.

Category 4: Professional Service (max 60 points)

Candidates earn points on a sliding scale, depending on the level of involvement, through participation in professional associations (e.g., GPA, GPCI, GPA Chapter, the GPA Foundation or other recognized organizations) and related community service.

Category 5: Independent Project (max 60 points)

In lieu of Categories 1 and/or 3, a recertification candidate may elect to undertake an independent project for the benefit of GPA or other grant-related entities. The project must be pre-approved by the GPCI Board of Directors no less than one year before the expiration of the current certification.

Once you have filled in your log and filled out your application package please submit all of your documents to Your application is due 30 days prior to the expiration date.  You are also required to pay the CMP when you submit your application.  If you are a current GPA member, the fee is $180; however, if you are not a member, the fee is $305.

What happens if you are late in submitting your renewal application?  There is a three-month grace period in which you can still submit your renewal.  If you submit during this time there is a $100 late fee.  If you fail to submit your renewal after during the grace period, the GPC status is expired and you need to re-sit for the exam.

As always things in life happen which may cause you to go inactive.  Please contact the GPCI board of directors through a letter stating the reasons you need to be declared inactive.  In order to receive approval for this status, you must request it during the first two years of the maintenance program!  Remember, this status can only be used once in your lifetime.

We have covered where to find the manual/application, what the categories are, where to submit, fees for your CMP, late renewal applications and inactive status.  This should at least get you started.  If you have any other questions, review the CMP manual then email

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