Giving for the Millennials

Recently I heard a statistic that the millennial will soon outnumber the baby boomers! With this in mind, it is time to rethink how we approach millennials. Being that I am a millennial, there is a lot of truth to the studies that support a difference in giving between the generations.

Millennials thrive on relational giving. Most want to know how they can be involved more than just donating! This is a perfect combination. Many organizations are looking for volunteers and many millennials want to volunteer. Match up your potential donor with volunteer opportunities which help ignite the desire to give and the love for your organization. Keep in mind, this generation needs to see results and be a part of those results. Think of ways that your organization can combine both of those needs in your annual campaign.

Speaking of annual campaign, your large gift donors are not millennials. They like to give monthly giving at a lower level, because it makes sense. This allows for your organization to approach them yearly to increase their gifts! Eventually they will give at a higher level, but you still have to engage them.

Engagement is one of our favorite things! We already discussed volunteering for millennials, but the other benefit of engagement is we LOVE to get our friends involved. This is why the walks/runs or any event based campaign is perfect for a millennial.

Because we love getting our friends involved, don’t underestimate our ability to help you fundraise! If we are passionate, we will spread the word and introduce your organization to others. This means millennials would make great campaign chairs or co-chairs. All you have to do is ask them…and value them!

Regardless of the generation your organization is trying to reach, remember, each donor is a person. Each person ultimately wants respect, appreciation, and to know that their money used appropriately.

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    Your article was informative and helpful!
    It ‘got to the heart of the matter’! Thanks!

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