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Giving for the Millennials

Recently I heard a statistic that the millennial will soon outnumber the baby boomers! With this in mind, it is time to rethink how we approach millennials. Being that I am a millennial, there is a lot of truth to the studies that support a difference in giving between the generations. Millennials thrive on relational giving. Most want to know how they can be involved more than just donating! This is a perfect combination. Many organizations are looking for volunteers […]

You got your GPC…now what?

Did get your 90, 60 and 30 day reminder that your GPC is up for renewal?  If so, let’s walk through that process.  Maintaining your CMP log should begin the day you first got your GPC, however, we recognize that life happens.  As you prepare your log, make sure you are using the most up to date CMP manual.  This manual can be found here.  Also, note there is a new fillable CMP form!  Thank goodness for numbers that total!  […]

Identifying Grant Sources

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Do you need help identifying grant sources? We are having a training on November 14, 2014. Community Members Identifying Grant Sources $45.00 USD

Facilitation Skills: Tips and Techniques

Be Very Clear on the Purpose of the Meeting Before your meeting, set goals and decide upon the specific objective for the upcoming meeting. Identify the desired outcome for each agenda item to be discussed. Doing this will clarify what needs to be accomplished during the meeting. Begin Small Meetings with Introductions First introduce yourself and thank people for coming to the meeting. Review the proposed agenda for the attendees. Briefly explain each item, so people understand what the agenda […]

Facilitation Skills: Dealing with Difficult People

As a facilitator, you will often come across dysfunction and difficult people.  Your role is to stay calm and redirect the to issue at hand.  In order to be aware of the types of difficult people you may come across, we will discuss them today. 1.The Mummy This person will not freely take part in discussions. The motivation might be indifference, an inferiority complex, confusion about the issues or process, or a feeling of superiority. What should you do?  Be […]

Facilitation Skills: Understanding Facilitation

According to Webster’s dictionary, “facilitate” means to make easier or less difficult. Effective facilitation should result in meetings where leaders and group members experience few obstacles and difficulties. There are two types of facilitators: Outside Facilitator and the Facilitative Leader An outside facilitator is often viewed as a neutral third-party , content neutral person who helps to increase the effectiveness of a group or organization by helping with group process.  The facilitator is the process expert and can help improve […]


First Black Friday Then Cyber Monday Now Giving Tuesday One of my favorite sayings is “Its better to give than to receive”. I believe this to be true as I think through the gifts I want to give my family members. I can picture each face as they open the gift, and hope it is something that will bring a smile to their face. I enjoy the whole process! This year, we are challenged to take it a step further…to […]

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Facilitation Skills: How to Lead a Dynamic Meeting

Anyone can perform a basic meeting or group facilitation given the right tools; but if you want to facilitate a meeting which produces results, this is for you! How many meetings have you attended and walked away wondering…. What just happened? Why did I invest my time attending this? What would have made that meeting better? A meeting is a process of coming together for a purpose. Participants typically follow an agenda (No Agenda! No meeting!) and interact with each […]

Department of Education TRiO Student Support Services

Allowable Request: $220,000-$360,000 Avg size: $282,000 CFDA #: 84.042A Funding Purpose: The purpose of the SSS Program is to increase the number of disadvantaged, low-income college students, first-generation college students, and college students with disabilities in the United States who successfully complete a program of study at the postsecondary level. The Student Support Services Program provides grants for projects designed to— (a) Increase the college retention and graduation rates of eligible students; (b) Increase the transfer rate of eligible students […]