Upcoming Grants

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Health and Resources Administration (HRSA) Due Date: 10/14/14 The estimated funding available for FY15 is $400,000. 8 awards are anticipated. The funding ceiling is $50,000 per year. A project period of 5 years is expected. A cost share of 2:1 is required in years 2 through 5 of the project period. (The recipient must contribute matching funds equal to 2 times the amount of the federal award.) This program seeks to promote […]

A view from the other side

Over the past 5 months I have been working on developing and rolling out a three year funding cycle for a local funding agency.  All the ground work was laid for me, it was really a matter of writing an RFP, creating a training plan for staff, potential applicants, and volunteers.  This process was AMAZING!  If you are a grant writer and ever want to challenge your skills in writing, help design the entire process.  What I have learned: I […]

Building your work from the ground up

On one particular stretch of my drive home there is a building being constructed.  This building has been in progress for over two years, but finally it is taking shape.  At first the land was cleared and all the debris was taken away.  Then over the next couple of months the slab was poured and the steel frame went up.  Now each day I drive by there is metal siding, new bricks laid, and window panes put in.  This process […]

Gift Range Chart

What is a gift chart A gift chart is a tool used to determine how many gifts and prospects you will need to raise a specific amount of money. These charts are often used for capital campaigns, but can also be used for major gift fundraising and for major events. The table is built like a pyramid: the top has a small number of large gifts and the bottom has a large number of small gifts. Here is a sample […]

Want to strengthen your narratives?

This past week I have been knee-deep in grant reviews.  While I love reading other people’s program designs, my absolute favorite part is seeing the strengths and weaknesses of other proposals.  Not that I’m trying to pick apart another grant writers writing ability, but I am able to learn what makes for a weak response vs. a strong response. This week I realized, no matter if you are an obscure nonprofit or a well-known entity, the quality of your program […]

Department of Education: Title III and V designation

If you are thinking of applying for Department of Education funding specifically for Title III and V, make sure you apply for the designation. It is due March 7th. Let me know if you have any questions! http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ope/idues/eligibility.html

What are you thankful for?

Facebook is full of all the daily thankful posts.  It is refreshing to see people focused on things that make them grateful.  As we celebrate a day dedicated to giving thanks, I thought I would give a little history of thanksgiving, along with a few things I’m thankful for. History Though the current holiday of Thanksgiving was based on the 1621 feast, it did not immediately become an annual celebration or holiday. Sporadic days of Thanksgiving followed, usually declared locally […]

What is the GPC?

The GPC credential, or Grant Professional Certified, validates knowledge of and competency in the grants profession through education, experience, professional development, community involvement, and a psychometrically sound examination. These factors are based on widely accepted sociological theories of the professionalization of careers, an extensive literature review, the expertise of highly experienced authorities in the grants field, and examination development processes of the American Psychological Association. Unlike a certificate of completion, the GPC is not based upon completion of an activity […]

Board Roles and Responsibilities

For the longest time I wanted to be on a Board of Directors.  I wanted to give back to my community in another form instead of just writing grants.  So, as luck would have it, I am now on two different Boards!!!  I was so excited that I was asked, and even more excited to serve!  After the excitement wore off, the reality sunk in.  I have taught others the roles and responsibilities of being on a Board, but now […]

27 Newsletter Tips

Volunteer Spotlight – Recognize your hardworking volunteers by featuring them in your newsletter. Heroes for Children features its volunteer of the month on its blog. They use an interview format which is great for helping your volunteers get to know one another better. Expert Interview – One of the purposes of most non profits is to advocate and inform the public about a cause. You can help educate your audience by interviewing an expert in your field and publishing this […]